Why Are Google Local Services Ads Great for Local Businesses?7 min read

Google Local Services Ads are a fantastic way to promote your business locally. Several benefits come with running these ads, such as their focus on local businesses and that they only show up in Google Maps.

Google Local Service is a way for local businesses to promote their products and services. These ads are more visible than other Google ads because they are on the same page as the search results.

They can also appear on the right side of the page, which is more visible than other ads. Local services ads are also more effective because they have local intent. This means that they show up when people of

Local Businesses can use these ads to promote themselves and their services to users searching for what they offer.

Google Local Services Ads provide local businesses to advertise their products and services. The ads show up on Google Maps and Google Search. Local businesses can advertise their services on Google Maps by adding a business listing.

They can also provide information about the business, such as hours, contact information, and address. The ads appear on the Google Maps app as well as in search results when someone is looking for a service in the area. The ads appear at the top of search results, so it’s easy for people to find them when they’re looking for something nearby.

Local Service Ads show above organic results and regular Google Ads at the top of search results.

On desktop, the user is provided with three advertisements, while on mobile, the user is presented with two ads. The user may view further adverts for companies by clicking or tapping at the bottom of the ad unit.

The volume of advertisements in a market and within individual categories might vary considerably. You could just see a few or many. It simply relies on the number of enterprises in that market that fall into that group. After clicking through to see the complete list for a single search, the most advertisements are 100, so that might be the limit.

LSAs are well worth the investment. Signing up is free, and there is no commitment to join. The onboarding process might be time-consuming, but once registered, a corporation can objectively decide whether it is suitable for their organization. If they find out it isn’t, they can pause the ad and stop paying for Google Local Service Ads. Their listing will simply be put among the free listings in an area underneath the premium ones; however, Google may ultimately delete them if they are inactive for an extended period of time.

Professionals and entrepreneurs must now market their businesses/practices online in this digital era. But what if you want to reduce your market scope and concentrate on the local market?

Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) are a new addition to the Local marketing block altering how local companies promote online.

Today’s Internet users are tired of scam pages and corporations that overpromise and underdeliver. Google Local Service Advertisements address this issue by allowing only companies that have been pre-screened to appear on the ads.

As a company that has completed this essential screening, you will receive a Google assured mark, which will provide potential clients with the desired peace of mind. This enhances the likelihood of these clients contacting you because the green checkmark indicates that your company is trustworthy.

Every company wishes to be included among the top search engine results. Local Service Ads make this a reality by quickly bringing you to the top of search results.



Forget about endless keyword research and ad testing; once your company has been approved by Google, it will begin ranking well. The best feature is that LSAs displayed above the standard 3-pack ad listing and expected organic search results in the top box of search engine result pages (SERPs).

Allow a company to display customer ratings and reviews.

Local Service Ads come with a Google assured checkmark, allowing you to promote your favorable reviews and ratings. Nothing guarantees value to a first-time customer more than a company that has been Google vetted and has received five-star evaluations from previous customers.

Offer good value for money

Google Local Service Ads, unlike other advertising platforms, allows you to control your advertising budget because you only pay for outcomes. This is because it operates on a pay-per-lead approach, in which a company is only charged for the most qualified leads. You’ll also like Google’s cost-per-lead clarity and the freedom of having a monthly budget cap.

How much do Local Services Ads lead cost?

The cost per lead will vary according to numerous variables, including business kind and region.

Leads used to have a set cost, which meant that a company would be paid the same amount per lead as their rivals. This began to change in September 2020, when Google began to push out the bid mode option. The former set rate became the minimum cost per lead.

Businesses may now select whether or not they are ready to pay a greater price per lead. If this is the case, they can select a high maximum amount, thereby enhancing their place in the ad results. The maximum bid amount a company may choose is normally 2.5x the minimum bid; therefore, it is limited. In addition, rather than selecting a set amount per lead, a company can select “Maximize leads,” which Google suggests. This option allows Google to set the bid to presumably acquire the most leads for your chosen budget.

What happens if you suspend your Local Services Ads?

When a participating business’s ad is stopped, it does not remove its ad (which I also refer to as a ‘listing’) from the search results. Still, the business’s Google Guaranteed or Google Screened label is not displayed. The stopped listing’s placement is also affected since it will show behind paid listings.

Businesses may easily suspend and reactivate their advertisements using the Google Local Services dashboard or app, and they are not paid for leads while their ads are paused.

Can you pick which keywords to target with Local Services Ads?

No. Businesses are unable to choose which keywords to target. Instead, they choose categories or “work kinds” that describe the types of services and goods they provide. Google chooses which keywords are suitable for certain job categories. A business’s ad will show depending on the organization’s service regions and job types. Google does not disclose keyword data to identify which terms activate advertisements or produce leads.

Can companies influence what appears in Local Services Ads?

Only to a very limited extent. These are not like typical Google Ads, where you have complete control over ad wording. The presentation of Local Services Ads in the initial search result offers very little information. The company name, review rating, and whether or not the business is currently open will all be displayed. The ad may also indicate whether the company services your region or how long they have been in business. A headshot photo may be included in Google Screened advertising.

When you click on an ad, you will be taken to a comprehensive view with additional information about the business and photographs, but you will not see a business description or “hyped-up” ad content created by the business. Google is attempting to keep things simple by displaying only factual information about the company, with no fluff.

The only way to stand out as a local firm with a specific consumer focus is through targeted marketing and promotion. Google Local Service Ads provide the ultimate win-win solution for doing this without exceeding your advertising budget. The best thing is that, compared to other advertising solutions, the various benefits of this service are unbeatable.

Suppose you want to have a solid local presence as a personal injury attorney or garage door Service Company. In that case, Google Local Service Ads should be considered.

Google ads for local businesses to get the word out about their products and services. It’s a great way to get more customers and increase revenue. Get started today!

If you are a local business, Google Local Services ads are the way to go.

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