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Have you ever wondered how many times a day people use Google to search something up per day? Approximately about an average of about 3.5 billion times every single day. Yup, you read that right. And you know what that means? That’s 3.5 billion opportunities opening up for people to get their brand to reach out to more users. This equals an increase in leads, higher conversions and a boom in sales. And for this very reason, implementing Google Ads in your marketing strategy might be the best decision you could ever make for your business (not even exaggerating here). In this article, you’re going to be learning about what Google Ads are, how they work and what are the benefits of using them. Make sure to stick around!

What Are Google Ads?

Given how popular Google is, both you and your potential customers have probably clicked on a Google Ad at least once or twice…


When advertisers use relevant keywords, Google Ads promotes or advertises their brand, products or services. Advertisers have to pay to put up these ads and this is how Google earns revenue through its searches.


When done and used correctly, Google Ads can be a game changer for any business, with its potential to bring in overflowing leads and sales.


Google Ads had launched just 2 years after the site we all know and love, Since October 2000 it was known to be Google Adwords, but after the rebranding back in 2018 it has been recognized as Google Ads.


But whether you call it Adwords or Ads, the way it works has basically been the same-


A user types in a search that brings up a search engine results page (SERP). This results page is where the paid Google Ads may show up depending on whether they have correctly implemented the searched keywords or not.


This ensures that your target audience will be interacting with your given ads when it most makes sense for them, as they themselves have searched up something relevant.


It is easy to tell which are the Google Ads as they have an “Ad” label in front. There are 2 paid Google ad segments-  one on top of the organic results of Google (the regular search results) and one section below them.


Many people set up ad campaigns in order to promote their goods and services online with a particular goal throughout it.  There are 5 types of Google Ads Campaigns. They are-

  • Search Ad Campaigns
  • Display Ad Campaigns
  • Video Ad Campaigns
  • App Ad Campaigns
  • Shopping Ad Campaigns

What is Google Ad Manager?

Google Ads focuses more on advertisers while Google Ad Manager is more focussed on the Publisher side in the world of online advertising.

Google Ad Manager helps to increase competition and expand the net for ads by managing the ads as well as ad space throughout various ad networks.

How Do Google Ads Work?

In short, advertisers bid on keywords and the winning bidder gets to rank on Google search. But many factors play a part when it comes to making effective well-timed Google Ads. let’s have a look at them-


Adrank, Quality Score-


Your ad placement is determined by Adrank. Quality score and bid amount are the 2 factors that determine Adrank. You should focus most on QS when first setting up your Google Ad campaign as this will guarantee better placement.


The Location-


Your placement also depends on the location setting you implement. So make sure to select a relevant location when you select a geographical area in Google Ads.


Keyword Research-


Keywords research is just as important in this case as it is for other “organic” searches. This is because Google makes sure to rank only those ads which align with user intent.


Match Types-


Match types tell Google if you want to rank for the exact word searches or if you want to rank for similar or semi-related queries as well. There are 4 kinds: Broad Match, Modified Broad Match, Phrase Match and Exact Match.


Ad Copy-


The copy you use in your headline and description can really determine whether people will click on your ad or your competitor’s ad.


Ad Extensions-


These are free and they provide extra information for users on why they should click your ad. 5 categories of these extensions are- sitelink extensions, call extensions, location extensions, offer and app extensions.


Ads Retargeting-


Google Ads Retargeting is the effective method by which the Google algorithm traces back ads to users which they had previously interacted with but did not end up converting to.

The Benefits of Google Ads

As I’ve mentioned before in this article, Google Ads might be the best thing you ever do for your business, but this time I’ll give you some concluding benefit points to consider-

  • Firstly, Google’s extensive reach = more opportunity!
  • Works faster than SEO if well-optimized enough and reaps more benefits
  • You can really target your ads to the right people
  • Control the costs of how much you’re going to spend on advertising
  • Measure success rates easily
  • Easily monitor and manage campaigns
  • Potentially massive increase in brand awareness
  • Reach more users through Gmail integration
  • Retarget people who have visited your site previously

Need I even say more? From what it seems, there is absolutely no reason why you should not be using Google Ad Campaigns for your business if you want to increase your leads and revenue. I hope this article has helped you understand about Google Ads, and in that case, go get started on your first campaign!

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