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To exploit the potential of the digital, we develop memorable websites and help brands with their visual image strategy.

Social Media Marketing
Today's customers expect more from a brand. They want to have a voice and be heard. They want to be educated and entertained. They want to have their needs met and understood without asking. Enter social media marketing.
In a recent study, 68% of participants indicated that they would buy from a brand after having a positive, connected social media interaction. 17% surveyed noted they would boycott a brand following a negative interaction.
Customers want to connect with you. These days, customers do extensive web research on your goods and services before making a purchase. Unlike silent online brands, businesses that establish and maintain an engaging social media presence stand to gain substantially.
Our Social Media Process:
• Content and graphic creation
• Content scheduling
• Monthly reporting
Most social media advertising spends—nearly 60%—is wasted on audiences who don't relate to or interact with the material. This is because most advertisers are substandard when using complex advertising exchanges' best capabilities to strategically target their ideal customers. You deserve better.
Social media marketing has grown more intricate over the prior three years. We assist in educating the user about your products, services, and unique value propositions by "reminding" or "remarketing" to these consumers. We can then use social media to remarket to customers who may have visited your website but left for several reasons.
Contact us immediately if you're ready to take advantage of social media marketing's potential.
Linkedin marketing
There are over 600 million professionals on LinkedIn. A substantial portion of them can make purchases, and many more can influence those purchases. For B2B businesses, it is the network that matters most. The LinkedIn content marketing process is well-known to our social media consultants.
We know how to
• Leverage the professional networking platform to support an already-existing digital marketing plan.
• Produce sustainable prospects.
• Move those leads further down the sales funnel, from connection to contract.
Whether your business is solely B2C or B2B, or even a mix, our team is here to cater to your needs. What matters is that you have a LinkedIn handle in this day and age. There are more and more people, brands, and companies getting into LinkedIn. Not having this presence is undoubtedly a big chance missed.
With professionals who focus on account management and LinkedIn expertise, let us assist in setting you up for success. Your professional identity is your face in the industry and, of course, our priority.
Lead Gravity offers resources, services, and solutions to assist goal-oriented entrepreneurs and marketing managers in precisely measuring, tracking, and quantifying each advertising approach, including the company website. You'll be able to identify the patterns influencing (or impeding) your marketing performance if you have the correct marketing analytics. With the help of this information, we will adjust your strategy to improve web-based leads and sales measurably.
Business executives and marketers of today expect better information. Every successful website and marketing department is built on accurate measuring and tracking. If you don't know the score, you can't win the game! We can assist if you're dissatisfied with your advertising, marketing, and website results.
Every marketing approach, including the company website, is precisely measured and tracked with our analytical expertise. We don't generate a ton of spreadsheets or reports for you to sort through. Your schedule is packed, to begin with, and we understand. We offer marketing analytics services to filter through mountains of data and highlight what matters most to your company. Then, for a fraction of the price of advertising or hiring a single full-time staff, we provide you with concrete recommendations to demonstrably enhance your performance.
Lead Gravity provides marketing strategy consultancy to assist your company's growth. Success in marketing depends on identifying and meeting customer demands. Deep consumer knowledge is critical to the most successful strategic marketers' segmentation, targeting, positioning, and development processes. Marketing plans are formulated based on market realities to best satisfy clients' wants.
• Market evaluation,
• STP framework building, i.e., segmentation, targeting, and positioning
• Marketing plan formulation
These are just a few of our marketing and business strategy consulting services. Winning marketers use a strategic approach to identifying and meeting unmet client demands as they focus on broadening their sphere of influence. Strategic marketing concentrates on developing and capturing new market niches and creating powerful brands. We are operating specialists working for various businesses in business-to-business and business-to-consumer contexts, including startups and real estate firms. As competent marketers, our business strategy and marketing experts collaborate closely with your team. We use a rigorous methodology and a wide range of analytical tools to map customer demands to marketing objectives. Typically, the initial step entails gathering extensive customer knowledge to guide the creation of corporate strategies. Then, we align the data with the target consumer requirements. The result is improved performance, from increased sales, effectiveness, and revenue.
Search Enginee Optimization
Are you aware of the potential sales you could miss if Google doesn’t list your company on the first results page? Depending on your service niche, some strategies will take a lot longer than others. An SEO program generally requires at least 3-6 months of consistent work to noticeably improve your results. It’s critical to remember that your rivals are thinking about their SEO strategies as well. It can take much longer, depending on how forceful their movements are.
Any agencies guaranteeing outcomes in 30 days or less should raise a red flag for business owners. Unless, of course, you’re willing to invest a lot of time and money into your website’s technical, content, and backlink development.
A strong SEO foundation relies on steady, ongoing incremental changes. These include search engines to easily read your site, indexing your pages, and connecting your ideal customers with quality content on your site.
Our SEO team is all hands on deck to ensure that your business stays on the 1st page, if not on top! 2nd page is simply not an option anymore. We stay on top of Google’s ever-changing algorithms to keep your rankings moving in the right direction with the right marketing strategy. Did you know that Google’s algorithm evaluates over 200 factors when ranking websites? From site speed to word count and everything in between, we analyze what’s most essential and what will work for your business. We implement a strategy to get you ranking and ensure you stay there. Suppose you’ve never heard of SEO before and have been attempting a DIY marketing strategy, or your previous company has left you tainted and skeptical — we’re all ears.

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