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At Lead Gravity, we strive to lead in futuristic, customer-centric, unorthodox & state-of-the-art digital marketing services through always prioritizing quality over quantity. We believe that Digital Marketing is the future- but only if done right. Our unique and unorthodox ideas and strategies enable businesses like yours to maximize the chances of finding new potential customers and engaging them in a wide variety of ways. We consistently try our hardest to come up with the most accessible, ground-breaking, and customizable digital marketing services within everyone’s affordability.


As our slogan “Aspire to Greater Heights” suggests, since the very beginning we aspire to become the best of the best in what we do. Within the next 5 years, we aim to become the leading provider of integrated digital marketing solutions for small to large-sized businesses in Bangladesh and to continually develop and implement results-driven strategies meticulously designed to meet specific client needs. We plan to fulfill our vision by having a motivation-driven team, a collaborative work environment and a focused goal that every team-member thoroughly understands.

Our clients


The Journey

Unlike traditional digital marketing agencies, we started with the most unconventional marketing strategies, designed with full dedication to achieve our client’s sales targets.
Lead Gravity’s digital marketing agency began its journey in the United States, later launched in Bangladesh to help local businesses and startups build their brand.
Ever since Lead Gravity was launched in Bangladesh; it took the digital marketing industry by storm. We completely changed the marketing game by providing the most unconventional, customer-centric digital marketing services with state-of-the-art content on a regular basis. Regardless of the time differences, our team members are always there, trying their best to assist the clients. We concentrate more on start-ups and SMEs and helping them create a strong identity for their brand in the market
AS THE GENERATION advances so does the market. We are more focused on what makes good for the customer who have reached out to us for our assistance, keeping their needs ahead of us and making them the best in their game by being more inclined to the relations and stories we make with our customers. Today’s marketing is more about making the consumer feel smart rather than making the company look good. That is why, we, Lead Gravity, are here to share our journey with you and create your dreams in the way which you the Victor.
We are devoted to providing you unconventional marketing services that will always keep you ahead of the pack. We transfer this undying enthusiasm to the audience through our content and build an unbreakable relation with them. And that makes us the most trusted marketing agency that shapes your vision into reality, connects you to your customers, and magnifies your business growth through constant ingenuity and creativity

What our clients say


Initially, we were struggling a lot in introducing our company to the audience. We had almost no expertise in marketing and were having a tough time with the marketing sector. We looked up some local agencies to help us but nothing was interesting. But when we got to know about lead gravity, we were completely awestruck by their creativity. Their content helped us engage the audience and get a solid online presence. Lead Gravity truly saved our hide. So, I endorse Lead Gravity!

Iqbal Aziz

As we target a very niche audience, it was important for us to reach our potential customers. Initially, we were a bit clueless about how we were going to generate more traffic to our website but Lead gravity swept away all our concerns. their SEO service surely improved our website's user experience. They made it a lot easier for our target customers to find us from everywhere. That's why I endorse Lead Gravity.

Christian Smith

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